Sabbath, Shalom, and Jubilee - At the Intersection of Nature and Scripture

PLEASE NOTE:  The Wilderness Way Community is taking a sabbatical of rest and reconnection in July from our Sunday gatherings.  If you would like to be notified of events that the Community will be engaging in during this time please visit our Wilderness Way Facebook page:  

The Wilderness Way Community is a dynamic and growing community of worship, learning, practice and teaching, standing at the crossroads of scripture and nature.  

We are dedicated to GROUNDING and CULTIVATING “wild” Christian disciples and fearless spiritual leaders who actively, joyfully, and creatively PARTICIPATE in the Great Turning and the Great Work of our time. 

We do this by incarnating the values of Sabbath, Jubilee and Shalom (what Jesus called the Kingdom of God) individually, collectively, and in partnership with others.

Thank you for visiting the Wilderness Way Community's website!  Our weekly gatherings take place on Sundays at 3:00pm in NE Portland (with the exception of the 3rd Sunday of each month, when we meet at 2pm at Tryon Creek State Park for our Sabbath Hike). More info here.