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Join us for our 2014 Lenten Wilderness Practice!

The Wilderness Way Community invites you to join us in our Lenten practice for this year – sojourning with Jesus through 40 days in the wilderness, grounding ourselves through spiritual practice to follow our own call to spiritual leadership, and reminding ourselves in a deeply embodied way of our connection with the natural world and the sacred elements of life.

We are offering a written (and streaming recorded) guided meditation entitled, "Our Biosphere, Ourselves.”  Through this meditation, we seek to know our deep union with the Divine in the most basic elements of life – air, water, earth and fire.
This daily meditation can be practiced outdoors or indoors.

The Wilderness Way Community is a dynamic and growing community of worship, learning, practice and teaching, standing at the crossroads of scripture and nature. 

We are dedicated to GROUNDING and CULTIVATING “wild”
Christian disciples and fearless spiritual leaders who actively, joyfully, and creatively PARTICIPATE in the Great Turning and the Great Work of our time. 

We do this by incarnating the values of Sabbath, Jubilee and Shalom (what Jesus called the Kingdom of God) individually, collectively, and in partnership with others.