Lenten Wilderness Meditation Practice

An Invitation to join Wilderness Way in a

40-Day Wilderness Meditation Practice

The Wilderness Way Community invites you to join us this Lent in a 40-day spiritual practice, starting Ash Wednesday, February 13, and ending on Palm Sunday, March 24.

Every day for 40 days, we invite you to spend 10-20 minutes OUTSIDE in prayer/meditation/just being (rain or shine)!

Photo credit: Melissa Shaffer 2012

Why this practice?  

The season of Lent recalls the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness.  We often hear about the temptations he faced, but rarely do we wonder about his experience the rest of the time.  How did he communicate with the divine?  …with the elements? …with the other living beings in the wilderness?  Is this where he learned to "pay attention to the birds of the air" and what they can teach us?  What might we learn if we did what Jesus did, even in a small way?

As a culture, our connection to our sacred life support system of the earth is severely impaired.  This is having catastrophic impacts.  One of Wilderness Way’s core values is re-establishing connection and relationship with the sacred universe and earth of which we are a part.  Where better to do that than outside? 

As one of our spiritual ancestors, Martin Luther, put it, “God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.”

So we’re wondering what impact it could have for a whole bunch of us to spend some time each day for 40 days in Lent just BEING outside and re-connecting with the sacred life/”gospel” of the earth!

 We have set up an open group on soulcafe.org, called Wilderness Way, Lent 2013.  You can get right to the group here: Wilderness Way, Lent 2013.  You’ll need to register to post anything, but you won’t get on anyone’s email list (and your email won’t be public when you post).   On that site we have provided some suggestions for how you might engage your 10-20 minutes outside.  Let us know you’ll be joining Wilderness Way on our outdoor Lenten adventure!